Chimera photocopier

Simple photocopier software for Windows

Scan and copy documents or images with Chimera Photocopier software


Multiple photo scanning software for Windows Windows compatible - Win10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP

Flatbed scanner + Printer = Photocopier at home!

Given a flatbed scanner and a printer you can efficiently copy any document or image at the leisure of your home. Download and try this very simple free photocopier software. While your scanner scans the next page, print the latest one. Clean prints and optimized ink consumption with the color reduction and soft colors feature. The software is created with documents in mind, ink saving and image clarity features are only available in greyscale.

Main features of this photocopier software in version v1.0
Scan & print

Photocopy anything - optimized for documents

Clean image

White backgrounds will be white, noise totally eliminated from prints

Soft colors

Further reduce ink consumption by printing lighter colors (optional)

How to scan and print documents

Follow these simple instructions to photocopy documents or images at home with your own scanner and printer. Download and install this software - works with any Windows desktop computer or laptop. The default workflow of this utility will let you photocopy anything with your devices.
  1. Download and install Chimera Photocopier Software.
  2. Choose scanner and DPI (scanning resolution) at the first use. You can change this later.
  3. Choose color reduction level. For printed or written documents you will need between 2 and 4 colors. For more complex images like maps or instruction manuals you might want to use 16-32 colors. If you need colors, please use no color reduction (last option in the combobox). Optionally you can raise the Soften colors setting to save printer ink by producing lighter colors.
  4. Choose printer. You can print into PDF on most Windows systems by choosing Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer.
  5. Place the document you want to copy on your flatbed scanner.
  6. Click PHOTOCOPY! button. The page will be scanned, colors reworked and the resulting image will be printed.
  7. Repeat from step #5 for subsequent documents or images. You can start scanning the next image while the printer is working.
This is the basic workflow of this photocopier software.

Why are my scanned and printed images so dark and noisy?

When you try to scan and reprint pages at your home, the results are probably very disappointing. Your pages come out grey instead of white and the text might not be easily readable. You are wasting a lot of printer ink there as well. But why does this happen? You might think that your white pages are white, but they aren't. You think your white page is uniformly white, but it isn't. You think your scanner scans colors as they are, but it doesn't. Scanner lighting is uneven, light seeping into the scanner from the edges of the lid... and the paper you're scanning is probably also a bit unevenly printed. All these small imperfections add up and create an unpleasant, dark and noisy print. You can try to crank up contrast and brightness in some image editor software but it's usually not perfect and it's a waste of time.

Chimera PhotoCopier software uses a simple trick called color reduction. Scanned images will be reduced to just a few colors. The most prominent background color will be CLEAN WHITE, text is going to be clean black - or something lighter if you activate the ink saver soft colors feature. If you pick 3-4 colors in the settings, some details might still be visible after print, but generally this software will produce a very crisp and clean image. You don't need details for most documents. If you are copying instructions or maps, you might need to use 16-32 colors to preserve more details.